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# Welcome to Ubuntu Taiwan LoCo (ubuntu-tw) / OSSPlanet Mirror Server

We are open, we love freedom. Free Hosting for Open Projects. #JustGoOpen

If you're seeking a mirror, please contact us. OSS Planet -
We support HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, Rsync, and Tor .onion site.

## Highlights

mirror/			- All mirror repos. (Apache, CPAN, GNU, Kernel, LDP, Mozilla, other Linux distro, hosting, etc)
ubuntu/			- Ubuntu archive repository for APT sources.list
ubuntu-cdimage/		- Mirror of
ubuntu-cloud-images/	- Mirror of
ubuntu-ports/		- Ubuntu APT source repo for non-x86. (ARM, etc). Mirror of
ubuntu-releases/	- Installation CD/DVD image.	- If you want to mirror ubuntu/ to your server, download this script and run it 4 times a day with cron. (0 */6 * * *)

## Services, addresses and aliases

- http://mirror.ossplanetnyou5xifr6liw5vhzwc2g2fmmlohza25wwgnnaw65ytfsad.onion

- (-) https://mirror.ossplanetnyou5xifr6liw5vhzwc2g2fmmlohza25wwgnnaw65ytfsad.onion

- ftp://mirror.ossplanetnyou5xifr6liw5vhzwc2g2fmmlohza25wwgnnaw65ytfsad.onion

- rsync://
- rsync://
- rsync://
- rsync://
- rsync://mirror.ossplanetnyou5xifr6liw5vhzwc2g2fmmlohza25wwgnnaw65ytfsad.onion

## Data handling and privacy policy

1. IP addresses will be saved for a maximum of four weeks to be able
   to handle troubleshooting and abuse.

2. Logs without IP addresses are saved indefinitely for statistical

3. Only our system administrators have access to the log files.

4. Our connection is provided by TWAREN and National Chi Nan University.
   They could have other logging.

## Limits
- rsync: three connections per IP

Admin: BlueT - Matthew Lien - 練喆明 <apply at ossplanet dot net> <bluet at bluet dot org>